Styles and instruments


So many different ways to paint a picture and so many different instruments that one can use! You could use a paint brush and load it up with thick gloss red paint. This could be splashed over a fresh white wall. That would be fun! You could paint a picture with words, with film, with sound even. But what is it that one is trying to represent? Are we trying to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings to each other? Are we spreading love and joy? Or are you trying to develop a STYLE in which people can use to sell or illustrate their ideas or products? I am trying to do that. I am trying desperately to hold onto my integrity and do something I love and believe in, but at the same time and forcing my self into a box of style; Only use this pen, this type of paint and this kind of imagary! Only colour in this way and only hold this type of energy. Make pictures that look reallly nice but hold no meaning.

I just don’t get it! I never thought about my tools when I was a kid and used to draw, I just did it with what I had. Now I have so many tools in my hands I can’t decide on which ones to use! So in the end I flit about doing nothing with either. So long to my wax crayons? But they are so fun! I wish I could have less tools and more time because then maybe I would find life easier. I am looking for that technique that the big shots will love and I don’t think that I have hit it. Maybe I should say F'[08 off to style and remember that the idea is the most important thing. The content is what is the most important… Not the tools and the look. The content is what matters! What matters is that I get my ideas out!! Not how they come out! It has to be quick and easy and understandable. It has to be fun and the technique has to help me express what it is I am expressing. Water and inks help me with excitment because they are liquids and have lives of their own. I love the life of the instrument as that is what makes it more exciting.




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