Practice makes Perfect

The picture says it all really. But it’s true ey? If there has been one thing I have learnt from all this creative stuff it is practice makes you better! Once I used to sculpt out of wood, and if I had carried that on I would be much better at it now! If I had carried on practising classical piano I would be much better at it!

But it is thought that perfection will never be truly attained even if you practice something for eternity. For eternity one would continue to make mistakes! Well, if I keep on drawing for a good 700 years then I will be pretty good I can’t deny that, but there will be some other out there in this universe who has done it for 1o00 years. Bugger. Wise words can be added here from my favourite band ‘ Screaming Toenail’…

“Teach your self to FAIL!”

It’s not a competition though ey? It is a journey we can take on together and help each other on. I hate all this greedy capitalistic art competition.

Drawing touches something sacred in me and I can’t quite get it down onto a blog page.


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