Rythmic picture making

ccoooll colouring in

I have found that one of my big joys involved in Drawing is the duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,duh bit. It is when you draw say a leg, and then you get to fill in the little hairs…


Not in a way that is a chore.. such as having to draw every tiny negative space of the Eifle tower. But I like carving a shape and find the rhythmic, repetitive motion therapeutic to do and also look at. I like looking at patterns just as I like listening to drumming. So why not pick up a pencil, and rather thinking about whether it loooks good or not, but feel the rhythm of your line, choose an easy shape like a triangle and see if you enjoy it.

To drum upon the page like the tiny bits of space rock do upon The Moon…

The Moon

Wishing you a nice day!


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