Keep Going!

keep on going

Because life sets it’s challenges and most importantly we don’t give up! Because it is  worth it! lovex


Sanity- Bad Religion


Just a freakin’ awesome band an amazing song- ‘Sanity’ By Bad Religion.

Some times I think to my self…

” I am a freak! I am mad! I am insane! I am doing so poorly!”

And then I look at this world we are living in and the people running the show and I remember how messed up by this system we have been. So many ills in this establishment, so much needing to be changed. Stay with it because you are SO AWESOME!!!

And the Can just wanted to be a Tin!


Because the Can just wanted to be a Tin,

It really wanted to go in the Recyclin.

Because I heard it cryin,

I just picked it up and chucked it in!

It was so simple to do and I really felt good about it. So this big machine chewed it up and pushed and pulled, until it came out as a biscuit tin!

What is GOD?


On a lighter note. The question remains and the answers are possibly infinite…. My page is not big enough and my time is even lesser. I think I will settle for a…..

Big Fat Cheque.

To bed with me.

Hot and Heavy Confusion


Because Life can Suck and be extremely confusing. With an infinite amount of directions hitting my mind and collecting in all sorts of mysterious ways, it is heavy and it is hot. For life is full of overlapping loves and the Disney holy one way story just doesn’t exist for everyone.

May you find peace at points if not all the time!




A harsh little truth…

harsh truth

Not that harsh in the grand scheme of things! But reality bites and artists can’t live off joy alone. Well, I could live out of a bin and in an abandoned house, but that can get tiresome. May the fruits of your labour be sold for a good price, enough for you to keep on working on the garden and being able to afford washing powder.


Content over Style

content over style

For a long time I wrestled with style as an Illustrator and Artist. I wrestled with my outputs of creativity such as music and art. Trying to find a  way that fit me. This went on until I was confronted by a dear friend of mine (and incredible artist) Jacob V Joyce who reminded me; the most important aspect is; what you say.

I have a sense that style has become so important in our artistic world, that the content takes a back stage. A simple aesthetic look is enough to please the eyes. But are we not meant to be saying something important and as long as we are saying it clearly, isn’t this enough? Not with the competition one faces today as a picture maker!

Perhaps the title of this blog has dual meanings. Perhaps I am simply Content with my style and thus wishing to forget about it. Perhaps I simply feel confident with my visual language and now just want to speak.