Sight of Light


Half way up a mountain I am lost for words to see this Andean beauty shine so bright. A sacred mountain that is slowly melting away due to climate change. How can we heal within and externally? All these problems and sores, all these convulsions to hurt each other. Pain and degeneration. Mnn… I wish to hold my hand to my chest and soften the tension. To hold my hand to my head and ease the sound.





Sanity- Bad Religion


Just a freakin’ awesome band an amazing song- ‘Sanity’ By Bad Religion.

Some times I think to my self…

” I am a freak! I am mad! I am insane! I am doing so poorly!”

And then I look at this world we are living in and the people running the show and I remember how messed up by this system we have been. So many ills in this establishment, so much needing to be changed. Stay with it because you are SO AWESOME!!!

Hot and Heavy Confusion


Because Life can Suck and be extremely confusing. With an infinite amount of directions hitting my mind and collecting in all sorts of mysterious ways, it is heavy and it is hot. For life is full of overlapping loves and the Disney holy one way story just doesn’t exist for everyone.

May you find peace at points if not all the time!




A harsh little truth…

harsh truth

Not that harsh in the grand scheme of things! But reality bites and artists can’t live off joy alone. Well, I could live out of a bin and in an abandoned house, but that can get tiresome. May the fruits of your labour be sold for a good price, enough for you to keep on working on the garden and being able to afford washing powder.