Technology brings ease and excitement, but it is a double edged sword and can bring great loss to the brain! Map reading is great for our brains and the eager we are to loose such skills, the quicker they will be gone gone gone. But perhaps we don’t need full cammo gear to go for a walk in the park.



Real rubbish people

Do you feel rubbish sometimes? Well, so do I! But these lot here have it hard as they ARE actually rubbish it’s self. Take a walk or meet a friend, have an extremely large glass of water or just run to the shops, buy a banana and run back. You can feel better again.Real rubbish people

Sad man

sad man.jpg

He is turning his back on her and shutting off his emotions. As if it is just as easy as that. Shut. Down. It is easier at that moment of time to just put up a wall. But after time he sees it just all returning like the water of a tide. Digging a hole and berrying your head in it won’t help anyone.

Working Life in London


Currently applying for funding to get to work on this big project. The premise of the project is for myself and a journalist to interview 20 different people with a wide range of occupations in London. This will then be illustrated and documented in an exhibition, website and book. I wish to document the diverse range of lifestyles that abide in this big city and that also out stretch stereotypes. Jobs take up a lot of our time, and I am very interested to see how people feel in their jobs, if they feel of worth, how much they are paid and more questions. I am a visually minded person and find pictures help me understand things better.

Any comments, suggestions or thoughts please share.