A city of many words

With so many words ingested every day, it is surprising I can cobble together speech or understand a sentence by the end. Books and radios, people and posters…Each day I consume story after story to the point of sublime incapability to take any more. I fall asleep and there in my dreams I wade through imagery and sounds figuring it all out and finding lost feelings.words-in-my-head


Work HARD!

Be a tough nut, be a hardened hand and never stop working. Because that is the road to success I heard? “That will lead you to untold glory”

Well, I went to a show last night called ‘Machine’ at the Barbican (it was awesome) and it reminded me to go out and play and take in the world around me otherwise I will shrivel up and have no inspiration left. Not one bit of joy, just a little prune of coughy coldness.


Hierarchy in my head

I have a head with hierarchy in it. In certain situations I will all of a sudden realise that I was either looking down on someone or desperately looking up at someone. Either way it is diminishing someone in the equation. To lift one’s self, you needn’t have to put some one else down. To be inspired by some one needn’t be also putting your self down.. What do you think?hierachy

Rhythm & Rhyme

rhythm and rhyme


Rhythm and Rhyme,

Make me feel sublime,

And what about yesterday,

It is so far away.

Inside my head I am such a good poet,

But in reality I am not and I know it.

I love to write and rhyme,

But I just don’t give it enough time.

You can’t do everything,

But I do like to have a sing.

If you are a poet and want some pictures,

Send me an email and I will have a lookictures.