Checking my privileges

There are more privileges I am sure and I am not an expert on this subject, however it is in the fore front of my mind how imbalanced this society is.privilege


Bird watching…

Getting this nice picture out there because I am purely expanding my portfolio and seeking some commercial work. Would be good to work with positive organisations. The Depth of meaning is not here so seek no further than the colours and lines 🙂


Rhythm & Rhyme

rhythm and rhyme


Rhythm and Rhyme,

Make me feel sublime,

And what about yesterday,

It is so far away.

Inside my head I am such a good poet,

But in reality I am not and I know it.

I love to write and rhyme,

But I just don’t give it enough time.

You can’t do everything,

But I do like to have a sing.

If you are a poet and want some pictures,

Send me an email and I will have a lookictures.


Summer is here (And I am inside?)

It takes alot of self discipline to be self employed; to get out of bed in the morning when sleep is so soft and gentle. I woke up this morning and felt thirsty for more of it, as if to just close my eyes was to enter a never ending bliss. I sit inside now and feel thirsty for that sunshine sitting outside! Good luck to those with out bosses, and good luck to those with! With great freedom comes great responsibility, however great ease to do nothing too. But we live in a world where full time help is needed.



I love to Dig!

Cheers to the joy of dirt and the sweet nectar of the earth’s green creatures!

I proper like gardening…

dig dig