The Boston Miracle

Boston Miracle pic 1A fantastic and inspirational real story that I found and wanted to make a comic of. The words are not quoted but are a simple translation from the talk it’s self. Well done to Jeffery Brown and other people involved. Here below is the comic and the talk it’s self.

The Boston Miracle Talk

Boston Miracle


Feeling low but fighting for that glow

Here is my new comic about my own personal battle sometimes of overcoming low self esteem or confidence. Some times I will think I am a pile of poo and see no resolve. But actually if I can break the mental patterns and act upon my higher instincts, I find relief! Such as… Going to see friends! I don’t suffer from deep depression and this is certainly not about that. This is purely my own experience. Hope you enjoy as it isn’t all doom and gloom! 😉

Feeling Low

sad page 0

Infinite Comic No.1

Here is a small comic about an idea I once had while in bed thinking about the conundrum of infinite parallel universes. My conclusion was that there would always only be one of you right now.

Sometimes I just want to be in a parallel universe and not have to deal with the present moment. But really, it’ll never happen and I will always be in this one vast universe.

Here is the PDF to see in detail : Infinite you’s


Working Life in London


Currently applying for funding to get to work on this big project. The premise of the project is for myself and a journalist to interview 20 different people with a wide range of occupations in London. This will then be illustrated and documented in an exhibition, website and book. I wish to document the diverse range of lifestyles that abide in this big city and that also out stretch stereotypes. Jobs take up a lot of our time, and I am very interested to see how people feel in their jobs, if they feel of worth, how much they are paid and more questions. I am a visually minded person and find pictures help me understand things better.

Any comments, suggestions or thoughts please share.