New Short Comic!


Dear Humble Humans of this vast and glorious planet, here is a new comic of mine. An attempt to understand a deep rooted idea within me. If it makes no sense, please do tell me as I have struggled to write this piece. All thoughts and advice would be much appreciated however harsh or soft!

Here it is…..



Infinite Comic No.1

Here is a small comic about an idea I once had while in bed thinking about the conundrum of infinite parallel universes. My conclusion was that there would always only be one of you right now.

Sometimes I just want to be in a parallel universe and not have to deal with the present moment. But really, it’ll never happen and I will always be in this one vast universe.

Here is the PDF to see in detail : Infinite you’s


Time slowly falls one bit by one bit..

As time slowly moves on, grain by grain, sometimes I look at each grain and see what one dear Mr. Blake once saw… Infinite! As you watch these grains of infinite fall from top to bottom you see the bottom shift in weight. It is marvellous to see such expansion of time, but scary too!